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A good and cheap Android phone I recommend

Recently a friend asked me to recommend an Android phone. I told him that first he should look at his carrier and see what they can offer. I noticed that the cheapest Android phone was a Samsung i5500. When I took a closer look I noticed that it runs Android 2.1, which was considered new at that time. Read More »

Is Android the Windows of Mobile Phones ?

There is something that Android users are most afraid of: thinking that Android is the Windows of mobile phones. Despite the bad way I feel when I hear this, it is just the phase of negation. I know that there will be a moment when hackers will turn their attention to Android and big security issues will be found. Read More »

Unlocked Google Nexus S is available starting today

Starting today, the long waited phone from Google is now available in stores. What is considered by most people the iPhone killer can be brought for 530$. The price is good for a high end phone, I could say that is really cheap when it is considered the best phone available. Read More »

Android Smartphone Prepared for Business – Crawl in by Mobile Workers

There has been current news of group checking iPads, iPhones as well as the Androids in commercial atmosphere, with a lot of IT departments becoming conscious that either workers are buying those favored devices as well as feel more creative on them, otherwise for some circumstances, there might be positive aspect in having further open platforms by means of easy-to-use ... Read More »

Are you addicted to your smartphone ?

Some people are addicted to cigarettes, others to alcohol, but the world is facing another addiction problem: cell phones. While the cell phones were used only for remotely talking was a big issue, bu not huge one. We could see people talking all the day on their phones and some of them have serious addiction issues. But, the real problems ... Read More »

Samsung Nexus S will to be launched on 16 December

The company announced that the long waited Nexus S will arrive on December 6th 2010. The Phone will run the latest version of Android 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) making it the first phone with the operating system. The launching day is the same day when Gingerbread will come into users hands. Read More »

Big Developers moving to Android ?

It is rumored that mobile apps developer are paying more and more attention to Google Android operating system that seems to get more and more market share every day. So far android apps provided by big developers were just copies of Iphone apps. We have this on Iphone, let’s make a copy for android. It resulted in buggy and slow ... Read More »

Can you find 3 advantages of IPhone over Android ?

The media is very powerfull these days, we are tempted to buy anything a star recommends. If you see an actor from Hollywood using a gadget how likely is to desire to have it ? I will tell you: very likely. Is this the right decision to make ? Buy the gadget that actors buy, or the gadgets that all ... Read More »

Android built-in apps vs apps from market

The Android market is full of apps that do the same thing, and most of them do the same thing as the apps you have on your phone by default. The most common title for all these is: “better”. Better keyboard, better phonebook, better everything. Are they really better ? In my opinion, most of them are better, but that ... Read More »

Building Android Apps Have Never Been Easier

Google launched the App inventor for Android. Great news: this means that building Android apps is easier. Why ? Because it is full visual and you can build your app by dragging and drop elements in the workspace. It’s main use is for education. Think about how was the first time when you used a visual programming medium.   Read More »