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HTC Sprint Evo 4G better than iPhone 4 in Top Gadgets of 2010

There is a long and intense debate between iPhone and Android fans, both trying to get the best arguments to prove that their phone is better. The fact is that you can’t convince an iPhone fan that his phons is not that good. According to the Top Gadgets of 2010 report there is an Android phone placed higher than the well-known iPhone 4.

Whenever a iPhone-Android fight started, the Apple device fans want to think that their phone is a great piece of hardware, having 32GB of memory, a good processor, etc. But this is because they try to compare their 599$ phone with a 199$ cheap Android phone that you can get almost for free with a 2-year data plan.

Recently, Android phone manufacturers made phones with much better hardware than iPhones. They are now all adding a large amount of internal memory to their phones.

There was a long fight between the HTC Evo and iPhone that raised a lot of interest and many funny videos were made to underline it.

Long story short, most people tend to give credit ti the HTC phone instead of Apples, and place the Android phone higher than iPhone, despite the number one gadget of 2010 is considered iPad. Read the full top here.

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  1. Here are the reasons I like my iPhone. It is smaller than the HTC. Yes, the HTC EVO is too big. It’s a phone, not a TV. When the iPhone first came out one of the complaints was it was too big. Now, although it is the same size, it is too small. AT&T’s network has been proven to be the fastest 3G network. OK, so there is 4G now but not where I live. AT&T is building their 4G network as we speak. The iPhone does everything I want. OK, I do think it is stupid that you can not face talk without being on WiFi. That is about the stupidest thing and makes the face talk almost worthless on the iPhone.

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