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iRis vs SiRi

Now Apple has only recently released their new pride and joy, the iPhone 4S. A mediocre phone, at best, if you ask me. Try comparing it to many of the already existing Samsung phones and you’ll reach my conclusion as well.

That isn’t the main concern here, though. Thing is, the iPhone 4S only sold that good because it had that oh so godlike < strong sarcasm here > personal assistant AI, SiRi. After Apple developed that software, they closed down the project so that people couldn’t be sold to anybody else. The weirdest part is that they made it look way more complicated than it actually is. Or maybe Google is just that good that it created a perfect replica that can do most of the things SiRi can ( SiRi was developed in MONTHS ) that was made in only 8 hours of work.

So just to make the joke complete, they named it iRiS. Another AI assistant that can do most things siri can ( considering iris is still in alpha state ). Now if I were to think like a god-fearing dumbling, I’d say : Hasn’t Terminator thought us enough about why it’s bad to mess with AIs ? Apart from not being all that practical and useful, this AI thing is pretty awesome.

Below you have the official description :

iris makes your phone talk on topics ranging from Einstein to Mozart.

Yeah, Iris is siri in reverse. Inspired from the iPhone feature Siri, iris interacts with you in voice.

Gone are the days when you “Google searched” for information.
Just “ask” iris. She will talk to you on any topic. Ranging from Philosophy, Culture, History, science to general conversation.

Note: You need to have “Voice Search” and “TTS library” installed in your phone for iris to work. Most of the phones have these pre-installed, if not please install them from Android market before you try iris.

You can download it from HERE. Why not, it’s free after all …

Also, here is a video in which you can see iris in action :


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  1. hallo can you make iris for iphone??? thx

  2. Hahaha blatantly not bias I would like to see you state reasons that make the iPhone supposedly crap I have tried both the samsung galaxy 2 and the iPhone 4 (though not 4s) and I have to say that the samsung touchscreen seems to be unprofessional when it seems to roll away from you at a varying dodgy pace and the slab size unlike the iPhone’s shape that actually fits in your hand proportionally. The predictive text is miles better on the iPhone and the battery live is so much better. All I’m saying is I had a fair trial with both phones and the iPhone is the victor and that’s just the 4

  3. Comparing phones, not OS, sgs2 is actually far better. Installing a custom os/kernel on your android phone (something that is not possible on an iPhone) can increase the battery time alot. I’m currently at 84% battery, and haven’t charged for for two days. Also, the rest of the hardware is on par or better on the sgs2.

  4. I have taken this into account so I have played around with the sgs2 again but I still don’t see any great difference yes it is slightly and I mean slightly, faster than the iPhone 4 when they have 3G enabled but it just doesn’t seem to cut it at a new level. People say to me “ah well the sgs2 has a dual core so it’s better” well wait a minute so does the iPhone 4s. One friend said to me “yea but you can emulate ps1 games on the android Market place, can you do that on the iPhone?” I now find out that you can play original xbox games on the iPhone ( and before anyone kicks up a fuss YES that IS without jailbreaking the phone, you can get them off iTunes) and I hear a rumour that you will be able to play xbox 360 games on the iPhone soon enough (although that IS through jailbreaking) I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I don’t like the model in comparison to the iPhone (as in the solid shape and components that you may use like the touchscreen and buttons) and although android Market is more expansive than that of iTunes I’ve never found an app on the android Market place that I have thought “ooh I wish that was on itunes” :/ and further more Samsung don’t even make android so surely they shouldn’t have credit for simply latching onto that Marketplace? I am not sayingg the sgs2 is crap or anything I do like the phone that is why I gave it another chance I just find the iPhone to be a better device

  5. this website is a bias piece of crap.. go marry that iris then you biased twits

  6. Why you take it so personally when someone thinks that iris is slightly better than siri ? You are nervous that you paid 800 dollars on a single core phone, small and stupid but with the “eye-catching” siri , while with 500$ you can get a dual core smart phone ?

  7. iPhone4 is not crap. It is a good phone, but compared to s2 it is a low-end phone. S2 is bigger, faster, can multitask, better touch, better screen. iPhone is good compared to Nokia, Blackberry. Even my old LG Eve with 500mhz and Android 1.6 is better than iPhone4. At least I don’t lose signal when I go out of town and I can multitask.

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