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Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300

Today we’ll be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE L300. This is a very interesting phone, to say the least. This device isn’t a very powerful one, however, with all of those things considered it’s probably more affordable than the more powerful ones. It’s a pretty safe bet to assume that this device will be a pretty low cost one. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Today we’ll be reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100. At the current time, this phone, or tablet, or “phoneblet” ( as I’ve seen mentioned in a few places before ) is the most powerful device available at the moment. Well, available is a strong word. It is available for pre-order in some countries, if I’m not wrong, but other than ... Read More »

LG Optimus G E973

Today we’ll be reviewing the LG Optimus G E973.This is a really powerful phone and it’s been a good while since I’ve reviewed powerful phones. This is one of the strongest phones I’ve encountered on my searches through the long and treacherous Internet. This phone is also known as the LG-F180 for the Korean market. The LG Optimus G E973 is a ... Read More »

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE

Today we’ll be reviewing the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. This is a really awesome phone with a more than decent enough hardware configuration. While it does say that this phone is specifically designed for the Sprint service providers, I do believe that it can be purchased in other places as well. This device has a ton of good features and ... Read More »

HTC Sensation 4G

Today we’ll be taking a look at the HTC Sensation 4G. This phone is a really good one. It is so good actually that it should come as no wonder to anyone that HTC made a 4G version as well. This phone is not only really powerful for the time it came out in, but it is also extremely packed ... Read More »

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