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Amazon Smartphone – Possible Date Revealed

A lot of talk has been found on the internet about Amazon’s smartphone for a while now – and if they follow the same example as they did with their Kindle tablets, I’m sure they’ll make quite a hit. You see, the short story is this: Amazon has sold its products at a lower price than that of making them, ... Read More »

Amazon’s Tilt-Oriented Smartphone

As you may already know ( if not, here’s a little reminder¬†), the retailing mega-giant known as Amazon thought it wise to try and get into the smartphone field, based on the wide success of their tablet ( which was intended to be taken as an e-book reader, but it was way more powerful than that and people sort of ... Read More »

Amazon Smartphone set for June?

Amazon, one of the top online retailing titans to date, has always had a knack of cutting a profit some way or another. When they decided to get into the tablet business with their “semi-tablet” Kindle e-book readers, they received mixed results. Opinions then were: how can they cut a profit out of this when they’re wasting more money on ... Read More »

What to Expect from a Samsung Amazon Tablet

We’ve heard about a rumored Amazon tablet for a while now, and to be honest I think everyone expected one, not only after iPad launched, but also after the B&N Nook Color launched. After the success of the Nook Color, I would’ve been surprised if Amazon was *not* working on a tablet with Android. New rumors say that Amazon is ... Read More »

Amazon Beats Google And Apple to Cloud Music

We’ve kept hearing for months that Google will launch a music streaming service, but we’ve also heard about delays upon delays, probably because it takes a long time to sign deals with the labels. It’s true that Amazon’s new Cloud Player seems to be more about uploading your own music into Amazon’s cloud than buying your own music from them. ... Read More »

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