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World of Goo

This is a really awesome game¬†that was originally made for the PC and then ported onto other platforms, now being also available on Android. What you do in this game basically is try to get from a point to another, but the means through which you do it is unique. Of course, it was so unique that it spawned thousands ... Read More »

Dead Space

Go around the Google Play store and you won’t easily find any good horror game for Android . That’s because there are quite few horror games truly worthwhile. This game, however, is one of those truly rare works of art. Now since Dead Space 3 came out for the PC, I figured only appropriate to add a little recommendation for ... Read More »

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I have mentioned this game time and time again in the past, yet I haven’t really given it its own article. Who can say, hand down, that they have never really heard of Need for Speed in their life. Almost all ( except the old people ) people alive have played a Need for Speed game at some point ( ... Read More »

Rayman Jungle Run

Back when I first started playing games on the computer, you didn’t ask how much a game was or how many requirements they had in terms of hardware. Back then you asked: “Is it 3D?” and not the pop-out-of-the-scree kind of 3D. Still, back then the most played game in every Internet-Cafe, apart from the Sega emulated ones, was Rayman. ... Read More »

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