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Top 10 Free Android Apps

There are many who get an Android device and then try to find the best and most addictive / most useful apps to install on them. There are certain free apps that are worth the space, and there are other free apps that fail miserably at that. Many of the free ones only copy one-another. I dare you to go ... Read More »

World at Arms

It seems that a lot of war games seem to have surfaced recently. Not that I’m against it, I personally have no problem against war genre games. After all, this is a genre on which you can build and build and build as it offers endless amounts of possibilities. Also, one thing that made me want to try out this ... Read More »

OUYA – New Gaming Console

I think I mentioned this console a few times, but I never really gave it its own spot under the spotlight. If I forgot to do this, I apologize since I had my College Finals and it’s been sort of hectic. OUYA, in lament’s terms, is sort of like an Xbox console that runs Android. It is one of the ... Read More »

Top 10 Android Apps That Are Worth Their Money

There are certain apps around the Google Play marketplace that actually make you consider dishing out a little money for. Some are more expensive than others, but then again, those few some are actually an investment. You will profit from them in the long run, eventually, but only if you truly need them in your line of work. Through this ... Read More »

N.O.V.A. 3

N.O.V.A., or Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, is apparently a pretty good looking series of games on Android. I am really sorry to have been completely oblivious to its existence, but my weak Android phone is mostly to blame as it can barely run even remotely 3D games, not stopping to count these marvels of mobile gaming design. In case you’ve ... Read More »

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