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Top 10 Android Apps That Are Worth Their Money

There are certain apps around the Google Play marketplace that actually make you consider dishing out a little money for. Some are more expensive than others, but then again, those few some are actually an investment. You will profit from them in the long run, eventually, but only if you truly need them in your line of work. Through this article I will try to list just a few Android apps ( 10, as the title would suggest ) that are actually worth their amount of coin. I will, from personal experience with those apps, try and point out which are better than others and what purposes they each serve in a few short words.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

unnamedThis app currently holds the first place on the Google Play Paid ranking. If ever you find yourself in need of a keyboard that is more advanced than the already default one, this is a very smart purchase. It may be a bit mid-ranged as far as price goes, but it offers a whole lot of content for that price. Its prediction service is impeccable and it offers it for almost all wide-spread languages. It is updated quite often and it offers you a lot of keyboard types from which to choose ( of all shapes and colors ). As far as I can vouch for it, this app is a pretty wise purchase which, in the long run, you will most certainly not regret. It’s particularly useful for tablets ( or so I’ve found ), but it will run great on anything really. Still, the larger the screen the better ( but that’s just my opinion ).

Titanium Backup PRO

unnamed (1)If ever you’re considering rooting your Android device and are afraid of data loss or any such things ( highly improbable, but still ), then this app is an absolute must for you. Well, honestly you can probably do without a backup app, but it never hurts to have one. A prudent man would always keep such an app at hand. Truth be told, this Titanium Backup app offers you a whole lot of options for a relatively small price ( as far as I see it ). Picture it this way: if god forbid something bad were to happen to your phone like a virus or any noxious software were to infect it, wouldn’t you be glad that all your data was kept safe? This app isn’t necessarily oriented towards the regular casual user that uses the phone as a mere phone – but for those who actually keep sensitive pieces of information on their devices for use in their fields of activity. Again I say, this app is only for who truly require extra-security.

PowerAmp FULL

unnamed (2)If you have an older phone with Android on it, it’s not particularly easy to use with the apps and games of today. However, there is no need to worry about this app not working. Now a common man would ask: “Why would I possibly need another music player? Doesn’t the default one provide enough?”. Well, it does provide quite a bit, even for a default one. What this player does is allow you to have as much ( or even more ) freedom as you have with your PC music programs. It features a great equalizer and a whole lot of other bells and whistles. Most importantly, it provides you with a lot of audio codecs, codecs that your phone may not normally have. For instance, few are the phones that play FLACs ( the best audio quality, if you ask me ) naturally. Even if your phone doesn’t apparently have support for said audio format, this little app will allow you to play it. It’s a really useful app to have if you like listening to music on your device. If you like quality, this app will offer you quality for a relatively reasonable price.

Root Explorer ( File Manager )

unnamed (3)If you have any newer Android version ( anything above 4.0, really ), you will most definitely require this app. As you are well aware, on the latest version of Android you can do more things than on the older versions. However, certain areas have become inaccessible. For instance, on an old Galaxy Mini you can easily find something called My Files from which you access all physical folders on the phone. No such feature can be seen on a Nexus 7, or on any Android device with later versions of Android on them. That is why you will require an app like this one in order to use said files. You never know when it will come in handy. This app is particularly useful if you plan on rooting the device or if you plan on doing some open-source developing for yourself ( highly unadvised unless you have the know-how ).

HD Widgets

unnamed (4)Few are the people that hate having widgets on their screen. I myself like having the occasional ones here and there. However, like many, I am not partial to the ones already installed on the phone. I find many of them are pretty ugly and some are even utterly horrible. However, get this app and you will most certainly not regret it. This particular app, as its name suggests, makes all widgets of a beauty that is hard to deny. You will find yourself creating more and more screens simply to add more widgets to them. This app is, how many have described it – heavy on polish and detail, but in the same time, light on the wallet. With the amount of customization that this app allows, the price demanded for it is quite small if you ask me. Get this and you will most certainly not regret the purchase.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

unnamed (5)Of course, who could forget about Minecraft. I have yet to meet a more addictive game on any platform – be it PC, Xbox or even Android / iOS. This game will first seem silly ( like a sort of Lego for mobile ), but as you play on you will find yourself drawn more and more to it. I find that it is more enjoyable on phones with larger screens or on tablets, but you can enjoy it on pretty much anything as long as it works ( it doesn’t really work on older phones ). You will find that this app is well worth its low price as it provides you with days of entertainment. Trust me, it will take a lot of time for this app to become boring. Minecraft is perhaps one of the wisest game purchases you could make on your Android device.

Where’s My Water

unnamed (6)Perhaps not the most amazing or graphical game out there, but it can still provide you with a few long hours of entertainment for a very small fee. This water physics game isn’t necessarily the hardest of all, but it takes a bit of thinking to finish. The objective is easy: get something from A to B, but it will get you busting your brain on some levels in order to finish it. You will most likely find it quite enjoyable. If you don’t, you’ll be glad you haven’t spent all that much on in in the first place. I’ve personally played this game and find it quite addictive. I urge you not to take my word for granted and try it for yourself, for you will surely not regret it.

Asphalt 7: Heat

unnamed (7)Who can possibly state that they have never played at least one Asphalt game in their life? If you enjoy playing the occasional racing game now and again, you will most certainly enjoy this game as well. It’s not all that difficult, it costs next to nothing and it provides you with a few decent hours of entertainment ( perhaps more ). Also, it has Multiplayer as well, so you can play it on the internet and race with your friends to prove to them who the best player is. This game demands a pretty strong phone if you want to play it, however. Needless to say, the older phone owners will not be able to play this. However, it would be absurd to expect less of this game considering the insane graphics that were put into it.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

unnamed (8)I am not a big fan of the Need for Speed series on the PC ( personally I don’t much like racing games ), but I’ve played quite a few of them. I’ve also played this Most Wanted game on the PC just to see how it is. I didn’t much enjoy it on the PC, partially due to the controls. They are a bit too realistic for me and would work much better with a steering wheel ( which I lack ). This is one of those rare cases when the Android adaptation ended up being more enjoyable for me than the actual game – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I honestly liked how they brought all cars and the exquisite soundtrack on the phone. The graphics aren’t bad either. Sure, it will require a strong phone to play, but in the end it’s worth it.

Office Suite PRO 6+

unnamed (9)This app isn’t necessarily a must for all user. Those who count themselves as casual Android users have very little need of this particular app. However, if you use your phone for more than flinging 2D birds at pigs and actually need it for your business purposes, then this app is a must for you. It’s basically the Microsoft Office suite for your phone. It’s not cheap, however, but then again neither is the Office suite for the PC.

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