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Shouldn’t Xperia Play Have A Dual Core Chip?

Xperia Play will be the first Android phone to have a gamepad underneath, so you can play games the way they are meant to be played. Touchscreen buttons, while acceptable, especially on some types of games, are not exactly ideal when it comes to real gaming. This is why Sony Ericsson is going to offer potential customers what they think ... Read More »

Playstation Games Coming to Android

With this latest move, Sony seems to be back in the game. They’re going to launch the Playstation Suite store by the end of the year, which will work on all Android 2.3+ phones and also on their upcoming PSP2 phone. This looks like a great move for Sony, but it also gives Android a huge advantage over the other ... Read More »

LG Optimus 2X Price Drops to 484 Euro – in Denmark

It looks like Europeans will get there hands on the first dual core Tegra 2 phone  as early a February 25th, for a price that is significantly lower than the 550 euro price that was originally rumored. New rumors say the price will be 484euro (3,599 Danish kroner) or $653. The price may sound a little too expensive for Americans, ... Read More »

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