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LG Optimus 2X Price Drops to 484 Euro – in Denmark

It looks like Europeans will get there hands on the first dual core Tegra 2 phone  as early a February 25th, for a price that is significantly lower than the 550 euro price that was originally rumored. New rumors say the price will be 484euro (3,599 Danish kroner) or $653.

The price may sound a little too expensive for Americans, but for a high-end phone like this, the price is pretty fair. It’s about the same price a Nexus One or HTC Desire had a year ago. Plus, Optimus 2X is clearly a next-gen phone, with it’s dual core 1 Ghz chip, Nvidia graphics, 1080p video playback and recording, a 4″ screen, 1500 mAh battery, and it comes with Android 2.2, but is expected to receive Android 2.3 very soon after launch.

If LG keeps staying on the cutting edge in mobile technology, and maybe even decide to use the stock version of Android, they will soon become a very trusted and in demand brand of phones in the Android market.

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