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Want a Sub-$100 Cortex A9 Android Tablet? China Has One for You

I’ve said it before that the iPad market will not turn up like the iPod market, but like the smartphone market, where the iPhone also had a huge head start in both number of users, new sales, and apps, but Android being supported by all the other manufacturers in the industry still managed to catch up, and even surpass the ... Read More »

LG Optimus 2X Price Drops to 484 Euro – in Denmark

It looks like Europeans will get there hands on the first dual core Tegra 2 phone  as early a February 25th, for a price that is significantly lower than the 550 euro price that was originally rumored. New rumors say the price will be 484euro (3,599 Danish kroner) or $653. The price may sound a little too expensive for Americans, ... Read More »

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