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HTC One in Gold ( with a twist )

I told you guys a while back about the HTC One and how they were talking about releasing a gold-plated version¬†( which they did, but not HTC officially ), hinting that they will soon release a golden-colored one without actually increasing the price. Well, it would so happen that now it is available. While this version of the HTC One ... Read More »

HTC Expectations: Not a Good Q3 ?

HTC has only just recently managed to stabilize itself as it has been experiencing a major wave of bad luck. They managed to gain some ground in certain areas, but lose profit it others. While this may seem as normal behavior, for a few months they stagnated it the failure part of previously mentioned situation. Personally, I found that to ... Read More »

HTC One – New Microphone

If you’ve been paying attention to recent events, you are probably aware of the few minor inconveniences that HTC encountered when they decided to release the HTC One flagship. There was that small incident with the shortage of components that slightly hindered their manufacturing, thus making them reduce the number of devices. Well, that problem sort of generated another one. ... Read More »

HTC President and Galaxy S4

While we all got used to the Samsung Galaxy S4 being popular and being praised all to God ever since it came out, what surprised me quite a bit was the fact that the HTC President himself even said this product is a really fine one. The context in which he said it and the purpose of that was quite ... Read More »

HTC Droid DNA – Silent Death ?

It would seem that the HTC Droid DNA, a phone quite dear to me as I like it extremely much, is slowly being taken off the market. As to why that is, only Verizon Wireless would know. The phone itself is pretty powerful and I would have thought it would prove to be quite an excellent flagship for HTC. As ... Read More »

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