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Can Sony Compete with Google Glass?

Google Glass may have been withdrawn temporarily from the consumer market, but is Sony SmartEyeglass ready to take its place? The android wearable market is becoming as tough as the market for mobile casinos, so will Sony be able to set themselves apart from the competition?   Tough Market As is often the case these days, Google has long led ... Read More »

Sony Xperia E1

The Sony Xperia E1 – one of the newest low-budget phones from Sony. Off-the-bat, I think I should mention that this device is also available with a Dual-SIM – that version being called the Sony Xperia E1 Dual – but from a technical point of view, they have the same features. For that exact reason, I deem it enough to tell you ... Read More »

A Review of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Following on from the highly successful Sony Xperia smartphone, the popular household electronics manufacturer has now brought out a tablet which looks set to become its highest rated so far. With specs which far outstrip the company’s previous tablet computer offerings, the Xperia Z is quite rightly causing many gadget fans to take a long hard look at it. With ... Read More »

Sony Wants 3rd

There has long been a competition between the smartphone manufacturer. However, with Samsung and Apple being as they are, they pretty much cover the wide majority of things to be gained. To put it into perspective, Samsung and Apple are the titans sitting at the table fighting over the king’s share. In comparison to them, the rest of the manufacturers ... Read More »

Firefox OS: Myth or Reality?

It has been rumored around the internet that we will soon be seeing an OS from Mozilla. I have seen this OS in some photos and a few descriptions and I can honestly state that it’s nothing if not interesting. Do they have a chance of making it and surviving in this ever-unstable market and with all this violent competition, ... Read More »

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