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A Review of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Following on from the highly successful Sony Xperia smartphone, the popular household electronics manufacturer has now brought out a tablet which looks set to become its highest rated so far. With specs which far outstrip the company’s previous tablet computer offerings, the Xperia Z is quite rightly causing many gadget fans to take a long hard look at it.

With this new tablet being mentioned in the same category as Apple’s iPad 4, and Google’s Nexus 10, what does this premium device have to offer?

An ultra-thin design

At just 6.9mm, the Xperia Tablet Z is currently the thinnest tablet in the world. It’s also incredibly light, weighing in at 495 grams. It’s this sleek, eye-catching look which has attracted the attention of ‘attractive’ gadget lovers the world over.

The tablet has a black coating which oozes class, and minimalist features such as the microSD and USB ports hidden under a removable flap. The speakers are subtly positioned on the edges of the tablet so they don’t take up any of the valuable screen space.

The screen & display

Sony has positioned itself here as a premium offering and the Xperia Tablet Z certainly has good specs, with a Full HD screen and a competitive 224ppi pixel density display. However, this does lag somewhat behind the latest iPad, and especially the Nexus 10 which has a ppi of 299.

Unlike the iPad however, the widescreen ratio of 16:9 is utilised, meaning that it is naturally used in a landscape mode. It’s these kinds of tablets which lend themselves the best for watching movies, TV and other media in exactly the way they are meant to be.

Operating system

Android is becoming increasingly popular by the day, and even early adopters to Apple are now deciding it’s time to sell their iPads in order to join Google’s operating system revolution. Unfortunately, this is another area where the Xperia Z lags slightly and only offers Android 4.1.2, rather than the very latest 4.2 version of Jelly Bean found on the Google Nexus device. Although, it’s fairly understandable that Google would want to reserve the launch of this version for their own product before rolling it out to other devices.

Like most 3rd party manufacturers, Sony has its own Android interface. This is generally good looking, while offering unique apps like the ‘Walkman’ music players and various stores for users to purchase more media for the device.

Battery life

Obviously one of the most important aspects of any tablet user experience is how much battery life it can provide. The Xperia Tablet Z does not disappoint and for general use (browsing the web, working on documents and watching the occasional video) it’s perfectly achievable to get a few days out of it. If you are going to be watching constant videos then you’ll probably find that it needs charging every couple of days.


At £399 the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is a definite option for those looking for a premium tablet. However, when comparing it against the Google Nexus 10, it does fall a little short, especially if you are looking for a ‘true’ Android experience.

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