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You will always remember your first.. games

Today, the gaming industry is very busy and you can play a lot of games in different genres, with graphics that simulate very well the real world. Thousands of different games to played these days. However, this was not the case when I got my first computer, back in 1996. The selection of games available on my Windows 3.1 machine ... Read More »

My favourite smartphone and tablet holder

Since I got my first Android smartphone, back in 2010, I was in a continuous race to find good smartphone holders for my car. I tried dedicated and universal holders, windscreen, dashboard or vent mounts. After years of trying and testing, spending hundreds of dollars on auto phone holders, I finally found the perfect one for me. It is found ... Read More »

Android vs iOS Market Share in 2020

If you’re wondering how many mobile phone users have Andoird devices and how many have iPhones, it is a good idea to look at the numbers provided by StatCounter, which is one of the biggest companies providing website visitor statistics. In 2020, 3 quarters of mobile phone users were on Android devices. However, the above chart takes into account all ... Read More »

Difference between Website and Android Application

Initially websites were used at a large scale. But now android applications are being used and used in mobile phones mostly. To help us in the growth of our trade on bigger platforms, many android apps and sites have been developed with the help of app development companies, web development companies and a large number of web designers. To select ... Read More »

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