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Can Sony Compete with Google Glass?

Google Glass may have been withdrawn temporarily from the consumer market, but is Sony SmartEyeglass ready to take its place? The android wearable market is becoming as tough as the market for mobile casinos, so will Sony be able to set themselves apart from the competition?   Tough Market As is often the case these days, Google has long led ... Read More »

Google to Replace Nexus with Android Silver ?

Rumors around the grapevine suggest that Google wants to stop offering Nexus devices at some point. It became more of a fact and less of a rumor according to a report in The Information. While some may mourn the loss of the Nexus family, those who wished that the Nexus devices would be stronger will be quite glad as the ... Read More »

The Motorola Situation

It is no big secret that Google bought Motorola some time ago. Along with that buyout, Google was entitled to make a few changes. Unfortunately for the men and women working for Motorola, one of those changes was to lay off 20% of the workforce in the coming months. Also, in addition to those 4000 layoffs, the company was also ... Read More »

Google says Motorola not Quite up to Par

It is common knowledge that some time ago, Google purchased Motorola. What came as a bit of surprised to all is the fact that Google wasn’t very satisfied with their purchase afterwards. You see, along with the buy-out, Google inherited around 18 months worth of product pipeline. That included a few models such as the RAZR HD and RAZR M. ... Read More »