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Google says Motorola not Quite up to Par

It is common knowledge that some time ago, Google purchased Motorola. What came as a bit of surprised to all is the fact that Google wasn’t very satisfied with their purchase afterwards. You see, along with the buy-out, Google inherited around 18 months worth of product pipeline. That included a few models such as the RAZR HD and RAZR M. ... Read More »

Google Going Retail

Google, the mega-web-based giant is seriously considering going into the retail store market. What products they’re selling, you may ask? Why, their top-notch Nexus brands, of course. There are rumors circulating around the internet that Google will start operating its own physical retail stores as soon as the 2013 Holiday season comes in the United States. While physical shops from ... Read More »

Google In Talks with Spotify for Android Music Service

Google’s music service was supposed to arrive by the end of last year, but then it was delayed till March, and now it was supposed to be launched soon at Google I/O. But it seems the negotiations with the labels fell apart, and now rumors say even Apple will launch their cloud music service before Google, after Amazon has already ... Read More »

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