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Is Motorola Working on a New Mobile OS?

Motorola has been one of the biggest supporters of Android since the very beginning and it has certainly helped them get out of bankruptcy. But as the Android ecosystem is getting more and more competitive, is Motorola thinking of choosing an alternative route to profits? Read More »

Google Starts Promoting Books as Apps

Google has started promoting Google Books on the web version of the Android Market, and it seems like a brilliant move considering that up until now Google Books didn’t look like it’s going to get too much market share for books when their reader (at least on phones) looks like a Kindle clone without too many features or anything to ... Read More »

Android Takes Top Spot from Symbian

It wasn’t long ago when Garner, the research company, said that by the end of 2014 Symbian will have 31% market share and Android 29%, and predicted that soon after that, Android will surpass Symbian. When they made the prediction Android had 17% market share, while Symbian had 40%. Well, it looks like Android has already surpassed Symbian. Read More »

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