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Google to Talk about Android Honeycomb on February 2nd

Motorola Xoom will be launched by the end of next month, and Google has already released the Honeycomb Preview SDK so developers can start making changes to their apps, so they work well and look good on the upcoming Honeycomb tablets. But we still know very little about Honeycomb and what’s in it, so Google is inviting everyone to their ... Read More »

Android 3.0 Preview SDK Is Here. Why It Matters

Today, Google has released the Preview SDK for Android 3.0 so developers can start working on their tablet apps. This is something I’ve been hoping that it would be released before the Motorola Xoom tablet will be on the market, and here’s why. Maybe not many people remember it now, but when the iPad was announced last year in January, ... Read More »

Why Are the Nexus Phones Still on Different Android Versions?

It’s been a month and a half since Nexus S appeared on the market. Every Nexus One user expected to get Android 2.3 on their phones just days ¬†after that, but that didn’t happen. After all this time Google hasn’t ported Android 2.3 to Nexus One, and they keep releasing new updates to both phones, but the Nexus One remains ... Read More »

Honeycomb Is a Quantum Leap in Usability and Functionality

Android has always been a step behind in usability and polish compared to iOS, but it has caught up quickly especially in the past year or so with Froyo and Gingerbread. But Google knew it can’t always try to just keep up with iOS and other competing OS’s, so they decided to hire the designer that has made what most ... Read More »

Google launches 42inch Nexus S

To promote their new Phone, Google developed a gigantic version of recently launched Nexus S. The phone works and people can browse the web, play games and music. Unfortunately, the phone is not for sale, it is just for fun, placed in Best Buy Store in San Carlos. Read More »

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