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Samsung and Apple going for Wireless Charging

We know for a fact that wireless charging has been around for quite some time now. We were all wowed and amazed when Nokia did it for their phones and wished that we could also do it for ours ( referring now to the ones that don’t really own a Nokia phone ). Well, it seems that soon this will ... Read More »

Samsung Chromebook More Popular than Apple Macbook

There hasn’t been all that long since the Samsung Chromebook hit the market, but since it’s a combination of some of the most powerful titans around, it should come as no surprise the effect that it had on the world. Still, to even overtake the Macbook ( any Macbook, really – I won’t go into specifics ), that’s something. I ... Read More »

Is Motorola Working on a New Mobile OS?

Motorola has been one of the biggest supporters of Android since the very beginning and it has certainly helped them get out of bankruptcy. But as the Android ecosystem is getting more and more competitive, is Motorola thinking of choosing an alternative route to profits? Read More »

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