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Samsung and Apple going for Wireless Charging

We know for a fact that wireless charging has been around for quite some time now. We were all wowed and amazed when Nokia did it for their phones and wished that we could also do it for ours ( referring now to the ones that don’t really own a Nokia phone ). Well, it seems that soon this will become more or less a reality. Apparently, Samsung and Apple are considering the idea of adding wireless charging to their future devices. While this tech has been floating around for a few years now, there are those around who haven’t really heard of it. For some reason I can’t perceive it hasn’t actually caught on as well as it should have. Maybe it was the manufacturing price or other factors. Thing is, 2013 is looking like a pretty good year for it to go mainstream. Inside sources claim that both Apple and Samsung are hard at work for developing wireless charging for their future products and flagships of 2013.

Reportedly, Samsung is looking at Qi from the Wireless Power Consortium – it currently being the most popular choice with members including Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony and Motorola. It’s worth nothing that Samsung is currently a member of a competing standard run by the Alliance for Wireless Power ( along with Qualcomm, TI, Broadcom and many others ).

Whichever standard it goes for, Samsung will most certainly not integrate that tech right into the Galaxy S IV, but put it in an optional back cover instead ( like the Nokia Lumia 820 ). Currently, there exist third-party Qi charging kits for the Galaxy S III as well, but not an official Samsung-made accessory.

Apple is also looking to enable wireless charging on its products, but the company ¬†will reportedly for a homegrown solution which won’t be out of character for the giant. According to insiders, Apple is also investigating an implementation of the tech as an add-on, rather than building it into the iPhone 5S. We will see in less than a week if wireless charging is implemented in the Galaxy S IV, at the same time when all the rumors about the phone will be put to rest.

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