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Shazam – Now Streaming Whole Songs

Shazam, one of the most popular apps for finding out the name of a song out there has been somewhat upgraded, so there’s some good news to be had here, but only for those of you that have the Premium version of the app. With a lot of collaboration from Rdio, a social jukebox app, Shazam is now capable of streaming the whole song for you ( but only if you have the Paid version ).

This change has occurred due to a small inconvenience of the original Shazam, that being the fact that you had to exist the app after you ID’d the song, but with this latest update you’ll be able to listen to the full song from within the app itself. For the time being, the free users are still only limited to Previews of the song.

If you do pay for the service, then the only thing left to do is link the Rdio and Shazam apps and you can get to listening music without having the change the apps. Tracks that you’ve used Shazam to identify get automatically sent to their own playlist, and an “Add to Playlist” option will let you send the song to another list of your choice.

Currently, the only version available is that for the iOS, with the Android version coming soon ( no more than 2 or 3 days, if I’m right ).


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