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HTC’s New Sound and Image

There has been a lot of hype lately about the HTC M7 on the internet. People are quite happy to see a new phone from HTC. While it may not be an Android phone, it is still a spectacular piece of tech with some very interesting features. HTC is quite proud to say that it will be the first of ... Read More »

HTC One – Problems Already?

It’s no big surprise that HTC has been on a bumpy road downwards for quite some time now. The blame was put on poor marketing and not enough media attention. Well, they managed to get quite a lot of hype up for their latest flagship, the HTC One. Now looking at the preliminary specs, it’s a hell of a smartphone ... Read More »

HTC – Still Plummeting ?

It seems I have approached this problem many a time, yet it still persists, unfortunately. If I’m boring you with my little pieces of news about HTC, I apologize in advance. I realize some of you may not actually like the company, yet I find that their quick growth and expansion was inspirational, to say the least. It is a ... Read More »

HTC: Stagnant or Ever-Falling ?

It’s no big secret that HTC isn’t really doing all that well, and hasn’t really been doing all that well for a while now. They seem to be on an ever-dropping scale and they can’t really seem to take control of the situation no matter what they try. All they can do now is hope for the best with their ... Read More »

HTC Butterfly

Also known as the HTC Deluxe, this is the newest flagship of HTC, one that will hopefully generate enough revenue to actually boost HTC into a normal state, as they have been struggling with financial problems for quite some time now. It is no secret that they are down a few points since last year’s same time. However, with the ... Read More »

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