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HTC One – Problems Already?

It’s no big surprise that HTC has been on a bumpy road downwards for quite some time now. The blame was put on poor marketing and not enough media attention. Well, they managed to get quite a lot of hype up for their latest flagship, the HTC One. Now looking at the preliminary specs, it’s a hell of a smartphone with some features that would make many a tech enthusiast filled with jealousy. However, all good things have bad points in equal measure to the good ones. So it must be in order for the universe to remain in balance. And before going into further metaphysical dilemmas, let me tell you exactly why that is. You see, there may exist a chance that the HTC One, with all of its awesome features, not arrive on its due date. There seem to be many rumors circulating around certain things.

Some industrial sources suggest that HTC is having a bad time with the HTC One flagship manufacturing. The latest reports claim that HTC is capable of producing just 20% of what the stock was initially supposed to be. The massive cut in production seems to be based about the shortage of two components: the voice coil motor and the camera module. Due to the lack of the camera module, shipping may be limited to around 800.000 ~ 1.200.000 units in the next few months. While HTC still holds up the promise of releasing it on March 15, many markets may not get it until May ( at the earliest ). The USA market has already been declared by HTC as a massive target, so if the rumors end up being true, other markets may not get to see the phone for months on end.

HTC has already lost a lot of its market share to other manufacturers and the latest financial results proved that it was time for change. It would be a real pity if the component supplies are the things preventing the HTC One from turning into the miracle HTC was hoping for. Again, as in many other situations, time will tell whether or not this is true ( although many of us hope it isn’t ).

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