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Grand Theft Auto III

With their 10 year anniversary, RockStar games ( one of my personal favorite game manufacturers ) decided to release Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the Android platform. Take heed, however, as you will require a pretty darn strong Android device to play either of them. The graphics haven’t been tweaked down and the games ... Read More »

Cubes vs Spheres

Lately I’ve reviewed a whole bunch of games, however, most of them require a really high-end device to run. I realize that there are still a TON of people that have older and weaker phones ( I count myself among them ), and have thus decided to present to you now a pretty interesting Android Game that’s bound to offer ... Read More »

Monster Warlord

This is a fairly interesting game. Frankly, I hate the genre of this game as I never really play it and find it quite limited in comparison to other genres. However, despite my personal views of this genre, there are still very many people who play it on a regular basis. Now the genre of this game isn’t quite “PURE”. ... Read More »


When one is so greatly used to something that one starts believing nothing can make one change ones opinion about it, rare is the case where you actually find something so impressive that manages to change it. Maybe I should be a little more specific, as that definition may elude some people or it may be misunderstood. I, for instance, ... Read More »


It has been some time since I last reviewed a good Android game, so I thought I should start with one that is fun to play and quite nice to look at. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this game is also a free one. The game is pretty awesome and it doesn’t require a whole lot of skill to finish ... Read More »

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