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Cubes vs Spheres

Lately I’ve reviewed a whole bunch of games, however, most of them require a really high-end device to run. I realize that there are still a TON of people that have older and weaker phones ( I count myself among them ), and have thus decided to present to you now a pretty interesting Android Game that’s bound to offer you at least some amount of entertainment. This is one of those games that isn’t really a looker in terms of graphics, but it can keep you hooked for hours on end. Also, to top things off, it doesn’t really cost all that much either and it will leave you quite satisfied about your investment. And, honestly, how much more can you hope to get out of a game that will only set you back 1 dollar.

This game has been critically acclaimed by many great reviewers. After all, when buying entertainment related items, price is one of the more important factors to consider ( or at the very least, should be ). When you buy something that is supposed to entertain you, you are immediately expecting it to grant you something for that price. While many games on the Play Store fail to do that ( some fail really hard at it ), that is not the case of Cubes vs Spheres.


  • 6 unique upgrades, each with their own strategic advantages
  • Awesome chain reactions for big points and big explosions
  • Simple swipe and tilt controls
  • “The cubes are alive!” – Innovative enemy movement makes each play-through different
  • 40+ Achievements
  • Beautiful stylized, anti-aliased 3D graphics
  • A true physics game, where every explosion has an equal and opposite explosion


The game itself isn’t much to look at and the textures are mostly matte colors with nothing special to them. However, the world is still gorgeously stylized and has a very strong 3D physics element to it. The game’s premise isn’t much and the story is absent. The purpose in it is to defend a place sing spheres against the invading cubes. It’s not the easiest of tasks, even though it sounds like that. The orbs you flick around come in 6 varieties: some explode, others freeze, some squash and some confuse.

Now the game has received a lot of good endorsements all around the world from many different reviewers. Names such as Phandroid, Android Central, Android Police, Android Authoirty, Tested, The Guardian, PocketGamer, App-Score, iTopNews, The App Shack, Slide to Play, AppSpy and AppSmile were not uncommon among the list of endorsements of this game. Also, it received even a few awards here and there, granted some were more valuable than others. For instance, this game was nominated for Most Innovative Game of the Year in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards. Also, and if you enjoy G4TV you probably know this, it was selected App of the Week in the G4TV show called TheFeed.

Also, while on the theme of graphics, I feel I should mention this. While they may not seem like much, the game has some beautifully rendered 3D anti-aliased graphics. The minimalist style of the game went on the principle of Less is More. That being said, this process allows for a wider number of enemies to spawn. Also, the game is packed with all sorts of massive explosions and the gameplay in itself is pretty fast-paced. Using the physics and particle effects of this game, the explosions rendered everywhere will look so much better than you would think. All and all, this game provides you with a most interesting destructive satisfaction.

Below you can find a trailer of the game which shows you a thing or two about what this game can do and how it looks. Personally, it think it’s great, especially for the price it is sold at, but I’ll let you decide for yourself:

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