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Monster Warlord

This is a fairly interesting game. Frankly, I hate the genre of this game as I never really play it and find it quite limited in comparison to other genres. However, despite my personal views of this genre, there are still very many people who play it on a regular basis. Now the genre of this game isn’t quite “PURE”. This game is more of a combination between a pokemon game and a browser game. You basically run around collecting all sorts of monsters and then order them to do battle with one another or use them to defend yourself against the perils of the world ( same as with all pokemon games ). There are few differences between this game and Pokemon, one of which being its browser game aspect ( it’s very similar to browser games on PCs in both graphics and gaming mechanic ). However, with all the good this game has and no matter how fun it may seem for some, it is not without its fair share of flaws. That is the case with the free games around. They are all flawed in one way or another, but at least they won’t demand cash for those flaws ( as opposed to some PREMIUM games that actually charge you when you buy them and then take no responsibility whatsoever for the mishap of the product ).


  • Collect hundreds of different monsters
  • Combine monsters and upgrade them
  • Join clans and socialize
  • Ultimate boss battles
  • Get achievements and rewards


The lore of this game isn’t all that great, but then again, this is a completely free game. You are to be guided by something called Mika on your journey in this strange new world. Along the way, you will have to complete all sorts of menial tasks and repetitive quests for certain NPCs, all the while monsters appearing left and right. Your ultimate goal is to capture the strongest and rarest monster of that world. However, the journey is not without its perils as around every corner there is someone waiting to jump you and beat you at your own game.

The monsters are in wide variety and are available by categories: fire, water, wind, earth and even darkness. You can purchase them or find them and collect them during the quests and missions of the game. Also, there are some rare encounters with monsters during quests and battles. Each and every monster has their own special ability and it would be wise to have as many as possible.

You can combine two monsters to create an evolved one. There are endless combinations to choose from considering you have six different classes of monsters as well as a wide variety of rare and uncommon ones. Also, you can ally yourself with other players to form clans. You can thus request their aid in taking down the bosses and problems you normally couldn’t on your own. The clansmen can aid you with the more difficult of bosses, thus allowing you to share in the benefits of victory together. Also, you can summon some custom bosses as well just to test your mettle against them.

The game tries as hard as it can to determine you to hunt down and complete its achievements. With each achievement and challenge you unlock content that will be invaluable in the long run. Things like bonus items, rare loot and even skill points are not uncommon rewards for these achievements and challenges.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any video gameplay of this game, but if you’re interested you can always search for yourself. Feel free to download it at your leisure considering it doesn’t cost anything to try out.

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