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Samsung Owns the Judge

I am unaware whether you remember or not, but a while ago a UK judge ordered Apple ( upon losing the trial ) to post on its website that Samsung did not copy the iPad in any form. Said judge was later not pleased with Apple’s execution of his order and made the company do it yet again, but properly this time ( the last time they just added a few paragraphs in which they claimed that despite the ruling, the infringement had still been done and it was very unfair, thus displeasing all judges and earning themselves 48 hours to rectify the situation, despite the complaints of Apple lawyers ). Now that I’ve refreshed your memory, guess for whom that judge works now?

First off, this isn’t a conspiracy ( despise what all conspiracy theorists out there are thinking ). At the beginning of this year, Ericsson filled a complaint against Samsung with the ITC, through it seeking to ban the import of a wide array of Samsung products ( amongs which were the Galaxy S II, the S III, the Note, the Note II, the Nexus, the Note 10.1 and many other tablets ), not limited only to phones as the ban was ordered for Samsung’s Android-Powered portable media players and even some TVs and Blu-Ray players.

As you can very well imagine, Samsung hired its own team of legal counsel in self-defense. The name of that particular judge I just mentioned is also on the list, Sir Robin Jacob. Now Judge Jacob was already retired in the first place, but due to certain UK laws he was invited to sit the Samsung vs Apple case. While he is still retired, there don’t seem to be any UK laws preventing him from consulting Samsung in the US. Also, he’s an expert in patent laws, so it makes sense for Samsung to hire him for his expertise and this case has nothing to do with Apple.

If you want to know more about this patent war, you can always do a quick internet search. However, if you aren’t versed in those particular terms, I doubt you will understand a whole lot.

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