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It has been some time since I last reviewed a good Android game, so I thought I should start with one that is fun to play and quite nice to look at. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this game is also a free one. The game is pretty awesome and it doesn’t require a whole lot of skill to finish ( if you’ve got it, good for you, anyway – it will come in handy, but it’s not necessarily demanded in high numbers ). Also, while it may not require so much skill to play, it is rather enjoyable and a good time passer. To put it in some very few words: try this game and see for yourself what it is and what it can do. Who knows, maybe you will find it more entertaining than you initially thought.

In terms of hardware demands, this game does not ask for a whole lot. It requires some moderately decent hardware specifications and that’s about it. It will run on most devices out there. Sadly, it will not run on some of the older devices such as the ones that run ARMv6 or equivalents ( but then again, few recent games actually support that archaic technology anymore ). Also, if you’re thinking “Gee, I shouldn’t waste my money on this game”, fear not, for it is free. Normally I dislike paying for games as well ( I have had some bad experiences when I got less than I was expecting ), but some Free games on the Play Store actually deserve the support of users. Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pay for games, I just mean that there are certain ones which tend to cost more than they are worth. Fortunately, this is not the case with Robo5. This game costs nothing and deserves quite a bit, but since the creator is benevolent, you can play it for free if you get it from the Play Store.


  • Steampunk influenced visual style
  • Creative level design and great music!
  • Mind-bending puzzle gameplay
  • 5 Chapters with 40 levels
  • 8 hidden bonus levels (diaries)
  • Two different endings


The story of this game isn’t one of grand significance or soul-tearing epic-ness. Neither is the premise and character control, if you come to think about it. What you do is you are a tiny robot climbing some endless mountain of boxes in a strange and decaying world somewhere in the future. Enjoy the hours of enjoyment that this game provides as you aid Robo #5 in its escape from a cold lab where the hero begins his adventure.

The environments of this game, while quite simplistic and dull ( description wise, anyway ), have a steampunk charm to them and will serve to guide Robo on a journey of puzzle-solving and self discovery. Each level consists of junk stacked in tall piles of boxes and different crates. In order to access the next level, you must aid Robo in getting to the top. You will be required to push, pull and drag boxes to reach the objective.

Each completed level brings hints about the robot’s history, identity and purpose. Do well and you may yet learn something about the lore of the game. The premise isn’t all that much, but climbing boxes to go from point A to point B may not be that much of a walk in the park. Some will float away, others will crumble under your robot’s feet and others will explode and electrocute the little character.

This game received quite some good reception from the critics as well. Below you have some of the things that critics said:

  • “It will likely go down as one of the year’s best action-puzzle titles.” 4.5/5 – GameZebo
  • “Robo5 is an interesting puzzler which is easy to understand and simple to control but it offers a lot of challenges.” – iBirdy
  • “This is a grade A puzzle game that should delight fans and is well worth a purchase.” – App Spy
  • “Robo5 takes players into a gritty steampunk inspired world with an interesting take on the puzzle genre.” – 148apps
  • “Familiar But Charming Action Puzzles” – Touch Arcade
  • “Robo5 gets a perfect score of 10 out of 10, along with a VERY strong recommendation from The App Shack for fans of every genre.” – The App Shack

Well, if you want to learn more about this game, I suggest you get it as it will really not set you back a lot ( won’t set you back at all, actually ). Also,  if you’d like to see some more info about this game, below you have a brief video which sort of describes it better than I.

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