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Rayman Jungle Run

Back when I first started playing games on the computer, you didn’t ask how much a game was or how many requirements they had in terms of hardware. Back then you asked: “Is it 3D?” and not the pop-out-of-the-scree kind of 3D. Still, back then the most played game in every Internet-Cafe, apart from the Sega emulated ones, was Rayman. This game brings back pleasant memories and I would gladly download it and play it, and it were I able to on my weak old Android device. I will just have to settle with the PC versions of these games.

Do not confuse this game for another Temple run simply because of its name. It has no relation whatsoever with that god-awful series in which all you do is run, collect coins and are chased by creatures. In this game, you run, collect coins and save little, tiny creatures. Granted, there are a few similarities between the two, but one is in 2D and is awesome, the other is just a distraction from more important tasks.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • New worlds to discover
  • New powers to unlock
  • Captivating music
  • Smooth touch-based controls
  • Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device


This game was built on the same engine that Rayman Origins was made on, and it is now brought to your Android device. The all-times favorite platforming hero, Rayman ( there are those who may not have heard of him ). Even if you’re a longtime fan of these games and have played the first ones as well, this game will not prove easy. If you’re a master of the game, you will also manage to unlock the Land of the Living Dead level series. Those levels are tricky to unlock and not everyone will be able to get to them, leave alone finish them.

Here is a brief trailer to help you better decide whether or not this game is worth its coins ( if you ask me, I’d call it a pretty wise buy, but then again Rayman titles have sentimental value to me ). There is no more to be said about this game. It is utterly awesome and you’re losing in on a lot of fun if you don’t try it out.

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