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Go around the Google Play store and you won’t easily find any good horror game for Android . That’s because there are quite few horror games truly worthwhile. This game, however, is one of those truly rare works of art. Now since Dead Space 3 came out for the PC, I figured only appropriate to add a little recommendation for the Dead Space for Android game, in case people don’t really know all that much about it. This game has received award after award and a meta-critic score that would make any man tremble ( and that’s not even counting its gameplay ). This has been a franchise that received a ton of awards on the PC. Heck, with each game they also made a brilliantly animated movie of the events that lead to the action of each game.

This gaming mechanic is one of the most unique ones I’ve seen. It is something unique to the Dead Space franchise. This Third Person Shooter teaches you that everything you know from the standard FPS is WRONG. The zombies in this game do not die. If you want to get away with you life, you have to make sure they do not follow you. Most weapons you have are capable of severing limbs easily. However, as easy as some zombies seem to die granted you aim in the right place, as easy you die as well if you are caught by surprise ( even the random corpses are dangerous ).

This game, and I believe this is an important factor to keep in mind, is one with an extremely well-built gaming mechanic and graphics. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that it costs as much as it does and that it occupies around 2 GB when fully-installed. I Suggest getting it when you’re on Wi-Fi, else you’d be wasting a lot of traffic if you have an internet service on your SIM.


  • A charged sensory experience
  • Shockingly easy to control
  • Two extra weapons that cannot be found anywhere else


In case you’re new to the Dead Space universe, I figured I should fill you in a bit about this game’s lore. A planet-buster ship uncovered a peculiar artifact on a planet when they “corked” it ( extracted a large hunk of earth from it, exposing the core of the planet for easier extraction of valuable resources ). That artifact, when studied by the professionals, triggered a bizarre reaction in humans: it turned the normal ones insane and it transformed the dead into “Necromorphs” ( zombies with extremely strong stamina and a lot of health that exhibit strange mutations such as blades growing from arms and stuff like that ).

The soundtrack, graphics and experience induced by this game are absolutely brilliant. This is one of those few great horror games that are actually able to scare you. You will find yourself wasting many nights in order to finish this particular game. The soundtrack ( which is as movie-quality, by the way ) will easily take a grip on you and help with your complete immersion in the terror of the Dead Space universe.

The controls are brilliantly designed. Even one who is not versed in using Android games on a regular basis can play this game like a pro. They are extremely responsive and easy to use ( I’ve played it myself and know from first-hand experience ). In your fight against the necromorphs, some simple swype and clicks will help you a lot in your survival process.

On this Android version of the game you also have access to a few weapons that weren’t available in the first game with too much ease. Those are the Plasma Saw and the Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the PC games. You also have full access to the Kinesis and Statis suit abilities of the character. They do exactly what their name suggests and move heavy objects without touch or freeze monsters in their path.

Here is a brief trailer of how the game is. Once you get it, I guarantee you will not regret it. Many nights will be wasted towards finishing this particular Android game.

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