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Amazon Smartphone set for June?

Amazon, one of the top online retailing titans to date, has always had a knack of cutting a profit some way or another. When they decided to get into the tablet business with their “semi-tablet” Kindle e-book readers, they received mixed results. Opinions then were: how can they cut a profit out of this when they’re wasting more money on building the things? Well, they resumed to selling the products at bottom-dollar prices, but get the most of things in Online Content, as almost anything was priced and access to the regular G-Play store was limited, if not totally absent.

However, Amazon did very well for themselves with that and they now consider it a good idea to get into the smartphone market as well. Rumors about this device have persisted for a while, but apparently it’s starting to look more and more like a certain thing. Report from Wall Street Journal indicate that the company plans to make an official announcement by June and will henceforth start shipping out the phone to customers in September.

Allegedly, Amazon has already shown off some prototypes of the fabled smartphone. As far as features go, the Amazon Smartphone may even be capable of 3D ( the good kind, that doesn’t require glasses ) by using their very own patented retina-following tech that utilizes 4 front-facing cameras to trick users into thinking they are seeing a hologram-of-sorts type of image. If it works as well as it sounds, it would probably be interesting to say the least.

Other than that, the phone seems to be pretty cryptic as there’s not really that much information to go on. While Amazon does have a reputation of offering things at discount prices, if the alleged hologram tech I previously mentioned were to be included in a device, that specific device wouldn’t really come too cheap, would it?

While I do trust Amazon to do something good with this, especially considering their success in the tablet industry thus far, I fear that September will already be full of people suffering from the over-hype generated by the new iPhone that’s said to come out then.

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