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LG Optimus 2X Price Drops to 484 Euro – in Denmark

It looks like Europeans will get there hands on the first dual core Tegra 2 phone  as early a February 25th, for a price that is significantly lower than the 550 euro price that was originally rumored. New rumors say the price will be 484euro (3,599 Danish kroner) or $653. The price may sound a little too expensive for Americans, ... Read More »

ARM Partners with IBM for More Efficient 14nm Chips

This is another big win for the ARM chip architecture. After recently finding out that Microsoft is willing to break its app legacy just so they can move to the ARM platform, now we learn that another huge company in the tech industry is partnering with ARM to manufacturer 14 nm chips for them. This is yet another big blow ... Read More »

Sony Xperia Play Is Rumored to Have PowerVR SGX543 GPU

A lot of people are saying that you can’t have true games on a touchscreen phone until you have game-pad like buttons and controllers. Sony wants to try its luck in the Android smartphone market with exactly that –  an Android smartphone, specifically made for gaming. Read More »

Why the Smartphone Will Be Your Main Computer

This year at CES, Motorola showed the kind of innovation that’s possible on an open platform like Android, and in the same time it showed how you’ll be able to use your smartphones starting this March when Motorola Atrix 4G launches. Read More »

LG’s WP7 Sales Disappoint. What’s the Alternative?

LG is coming out and admitting that WP7 sales are less than what they expected. Too high expectations or simply dissapointing OS? Maybe a little of both. LG, like other manufacturers, wants to have an alternative to Android, because they don’t want to depend too much on it. They want to have leverage when negotiating with Google as well. For ... Read More »

Has Sony Ericsson Learned Its Lesson?

Sony Ericsson has admitted that they have made many mistakes in 2010 with their Android line-up, and they promise that they’ve learned their lessons and 2011 will be a much better year for their products. But I remain skeptical, at least until Sony Ericsson proves that they have changed, and for now it doesn’t look like that they have changed ... Read More »

Will Samsung Galaxy S2 Live up to Expectations?

Rumors say that Samsung will reveal its next generation Galaxy S phone at the Mobile Word Congress, next month in Barcelona. The rumors also say that this phone will feature Samsung’s next gen display, Super AMOLED Plus, which is said to bring even better color contrast, and hopefully this time it will have a full RGB matrix instead of the ... Read More »

Honeycomb Is a Quantum Leap in Usability and Functionality

Android has always been a step behind in usability and polish compared to iOS, but it has caught up quickly especially in the past year or so with Froyo and Gingerbread. But Google knew it can’t always try to just keep up with iOS and other competing OS’s, so they decided to hire the designer that has made what most ... Read More »