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Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy S Phones in last 6 months

Samsung is glad to announce that 10 million Galaxy S have been sold in the last 6 months. While this is no match for the iPhone who sold 14 million devices in only 3 months, it is a signal that people quickly switch from their normal phones to smart ones.

It seems that anyone who buys a phone right now wants a smartphone. All my friends ask me to recommend a phone to them. I don’t know anyone who brought a non-smartphone recently. The only reason they would still buy a stupid phone is the price, but with Android the price of smartphones are drastically frop. For example, a friend recently brought a LG Optimus one for free with a 2 year contract.

The Mobile Operating System war is almost won by Android, with so many worldwide known developers pushing their Android Phones.

However, iPhone is still the best selling phone ever, and it will probably remain the same this year. This is a good thing because big brands will try to make their phones better and better to challenge the Apple product.

When the Galaxy S was launched it was seen by most people a good challenger for iPhone, while others sees it as a cheap copy.  The truth is that they are very simmilar in hardware and look. We have to wait and see what will happen next in the Mobile market.

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