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Motorola Moto G – Great Sale NOW

The Motorola Moto G has been quite an interesting device up until now ( it still is, to be honest ). This phone was so great mostly due to its pricing as it offered a decent amount of strength for a relatively low price. Hell, I’ve yet to meet a phone that got KitKat and costed less than 300 dollars ... Read More »

Ubuntu-Mobile Started Surfacing

I knew this was about to happen, and frankly I’ve been waiting for it. As the title of this post would suggest, Ubuntu Mobile has started making appearances. I really hope this OS ends up being big – God only knows the competition for phone Operating Systems is getting a bit stale. Also, Ubuntu Mobile promised some really large things ... Read More »

Samsung Knox – Accusations and Responses

I made a small post a while back talking about the security of Android and saying how many would profit from bad allegations brought to the name of the default security – the competition and not only. If you’ve missed that post, just click here to go to it, but only if you want to of course. Anyway, Samsung is ... Read More »


The Google Playstore is full of awesome games, but usually the best of them are hidden underneath a large pile of small irrelevant games. Honestly, just because a bunch of people with nothing better to do downloaded a silly horoscope app, that doesn’t mean that the said app is relevant to my situation or preferences. After a bit of digging ... Read More »

Android Security and How Nothing is True

A lot of accusations have been made across the ages about Android and its security, and many have claimed some “issues” for many-a-reason. However, how many of these accusations are actually true and just how secure is Android? Well, Google has decided to try and prove a point and actually released a chart proving how Android’s multiple-layered security works. I’ll ... Read More »

Hisense X1 – Next Phablet on the Line

Recently at CES 2014 a new phablet ( or phone and tablet hybrid ) has been announced and it’s soon making its way to China and afterwards to the US. Frankly, I’m a bit jealous since it seems to be a great device. However, if you’re not a huge fan of a large phone, you may as well turn back ... Read More »

HP to Get into the Phablet Business

Some of you may not know it, but HP has been in the mobile business for a while now. They mostly had either smartphones or tablets, both built for more lower-budget purposes. Also, you don’t need to take offense at the remark that some people may not have heard of these devices, as to tell you the truth: in my ... Read More »

Plague Inc.

I’ve been meaning to review this game for a while. I had the pleasure of playing this game for a little while and can honestly say, hands down, that it’s one of the most addictive Android games I’ve seen. It’s a great little game that can keep you entertained for hours on end. And before you think I am praising ... Read More »

Xpera Z1 Compact – The Sony Miniature Flagship

I actually lived to see the day where the miniature version of a phone is almost as strong as the regular version – that’s right folks, this wonder of technology is brought to you by none other than Sony. Sony’s involvement at CES 2014 made sure to showcase and announce their latest miniature flagship – the Xperia Z1 Compact. For ... Read More »

Nvidia Has a New Project: the Tegra K1

There have been quite a few attempts at creating a perfect Android-based gaming console. However, without trying to be rude, I have to state that most of these attempts were failures. The reason for this, I think, is because one of these Android-based gaming consoles is just about as strong as an Android phone, so if you’ve ALREADY paid a ... Read More »

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