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New LG Nexus Tablet – Name in Import Manifest

The newest Nexus tablet from Google is making more and more ripples on the internet, everyday new rumors or “leaks” appearing here and there. The most recent random encounter of the device was on the manifest documents from an Indian imports tracker known as Zauba, and it would appear that someone has brought a prototype of an LG Nexus tablet ... Read More »

Android OS v4.4.3 – Out Now

After a long time of waiting, a few false alarms, some rumors and some leaks, Android 4.4.3 KitKat is here – only for the Nexus, family, though. The update has just started rolling out, courtesy of T-Mobile, for all the Nexus device up until today. The build number of this new update is, as you can see, KTU84M for the ... Read More »

Google Going Retail

Google, the mega-web-based giant is seriously considering going into the retail store market. What products they’re selling, you may ask? Why, their top-notch Nexus brands, of course. There are rumors circulating around the internet that Google will start operating its own physical retail stores as soon as the 2013 Holiday season comes in the United States. While physical shops from ... Read More »

Google launches 42inch Nexus S

To promote their new Phone, Google developed a gigantic version of recently launched Nexus S. The phone works and people can browse the web, play games and music. Unfortunately, the phone is not for sale, it is just for fun, placed in Best Buy Store in San Carlos. Read More »

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