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Number of available applications in Google Play vs Apple AppStore

Since the launch of Android operating system as an open competitor to closed Android iPhone environment, there was a heavy battle between the 2 giants to attract software developers to build apps for their software. For many years Apple was leading this battle. Developers were attracted to Apple AppStore because iPhone and iPad users were more likely to buy paid ... Read More »

Yet Another Useless Prediction From Gartner

As a research firm, Gartner must keep on making this type of predictions to earn money, even though I think their methods are very flawed. It’s not just what I think, though. They’ve shown before that their predictions are completely useless for a period longer than even 6 months. Read More »

Microsoft Is Facing the Classic Innovator’s Dilemma

Microsoft seems to be facing the innovator’s dilemma as its Windows operating system is being disrupted by touch-based mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, and they have to take a decision on which road they’ll go from here. Will they continue to optimize their old Windows product to try to make it fit in the new world, or ... Read More »

Android’s Market Share Only 45% by 2016? I Don’t Think So!

Just days ago we had IDC make a prediction for 2015, saying Android will get 45% and WP7 will basically get a 100% conversion from Symbian and a 20% market share by 2015. ABI’s numbers are a bit different but I wouldn’t put money on any of their predictions and I think the market shares will be much different by ... Read More »

RIM to Bring BBM to Android This Year

Many people who follow the tech industry closely know that although still doing very well financially and growingly rapidly (mostly in developing countries), their phones are pretty outdated compared to Android phones and iPhones. Even so, BBM is probably the single most important reason why Blackberries are still being used by many young people. But now, rumors say that BBM ... Read More »

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