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Microsoft Paying Manufacturers for Windows Phone

Apparently, some very interesting rumors have been floating around the internet. I figured, why not give them a shot and choose to believe at the very least a small part of them ( rumors are rumors, after all – the fact that some of them are proven true doesn’t necessarily cancel out the fact that others are false ). Before ... Read More »

Meanwhile, at Microsoft…

While I usually approach Android related stuff, I deem the notable activities of Microsoft quite related as they are, after all, a major competition for Android. They may not seem that big if you look at their sales. However, I have had the pleasure of using a windows phone at some point or another and I can say from first ... Read More »

Microsoft Is Facing the Classic Innovator’s Dilemma

Microsoft seems to be facing the innovator’s dilemma as its Windows operating system is being disrupted by touch-based mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, and they have to take a decision on which road they’ll go from here. Will they continue to optimize their old Windows product to try to make it fit in the new world, or ... Read More »

Is Nokia Going to Switch to WP7?

The rumors are adding up, and soon we might find out that Nokia is going to switch to Microsoft’s WP7. This goes back to when Nokia hired Mr. Elop to be its CEO. Elop was a Microsoft executive before this, and many people have speculated that they simply want a North American CEO to increase Nokia’s market share in USA, ... Read More »

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