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Meanwhile, at Microsoft…

While I usually approach Android related stuff, I deem the notable activities of Microsoft quite related as they are, after all, a major competition for Android. They may not seem that big if you look at their sales. However, I have had the pleasure of using a windows phone at some point or another and I can say from first hand experience that what people say about them is all true. Sure, it may have some flaws here and there, but so does Android and iOS. What matters is that it compensates for them in the end, which some may not really agree with. The thing is, the windows phones run quite well and are pretty enjoyable. They are nowhere near Android, but that doesn’t mean they are an unwelcome alternative.

I have been known to complain ( on many occasions ) about Windows 8. Personally, I still won’t get it until it has at least a Service Pack 1 out or something like that. However, while I may not like it on the PC, it is certainly awesome on phones and tablets. That is why it fills me with a great sadness to see that updates for Windows Phone 7.8 have stopped. The aged phones like the Nokia Lumia 800, 900 and 610 won’t be getting any more updates anytime soon. The company is currently working hard on fixing a software glitch in the release. Yet it is still unclear how long the suspension will last.

The people at CNET claim to have received a confirmation for the halt of the update from Nokia as well. According to the representative of a Finnish company, the glitch seems to be a minor issue in the Windows Phone 7.9 software and the roll will resume in a short time. The latest update comes with a refreshed home-screen and resizable live tiles. Unfortunately, this seems to be the last major update for the Windows Phone 7.x smartphone as Microsoft has confirmed that these smartphones will not be getting the 8.x update.

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