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Can you find 3 advantages of IPhone over Android ?

The media is very powerfull these days, we are tempted to buy anything a star recommends. If you see an actor from Hollywood using a gadget how likely is to desire to have it ? I will tell you: very likely.

Is this the right decision to make ? Buy the gadget that actors buy, or the gadgets that all your friends buy. Well, i think it is better to not judge by popularity. What you can do ? Analyze, test, compare.

It is known that the iPhone is the most illogical gadget to buy. Practically you buy the brand, the popularity, not the device, but the iPhone can be right for you, but you can figure out this only if you think about it and stop taking irrational decisions.

How can you overcome this feeling ? Start thinking about Iphone advantages over Android. Can’t find them ? It probably means you should not buy the Iphone.

To help you i will tell you the advantages of iPhone over Android in my perceptions. Even if I like Android and probably i will never buy an Iphone I am aware that Iphone have some advantages.

  • Better battery management
  • Bigger internal memory
  • Better looking

These are only 3 advantages, there may be more and it may depend on the use case you are thinking about. I can also list more than 10 advantages of Android over iPhone but i will not list them right now as i want you to think about Iphone and how easily people can make irrational decisions.

Irrational decisions costs us, every day. We get a gadget that we don’t like or we don’t use, just because the loud friend tells us we have to buy it, or if we see that it is used by the most popular guy from the school. The real value of that device  ? Zero.  It is better to buy what we need, not others need.

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He is a web and mobile developer, owner of Androidized.com. A technology enthusiast who want to share his knowledge to the world.


  1. Don’t forget better apps and a better UI. My iPhone apps run on my iPad too.

    Of course somewhere down the road, Android will have better apps than today, a better UI, and hopefully run on a good tablet so my Nexus One apps will run on a tablet too. However, we’re talking about today.

    How about quit wasting your time writing stupid fanboy blogs and write some great Android apps.

  2. You are right, but according to the distribution of free vs paid apps in Android and iPhone market, that you can find here ( the second image ) http://nextparadigms.com/2010/07/25/5-big-reasons-android-developers-money/ , you have to pay for all these “better apps”. Maybe some people don’t mind paying few hundred dollars each month for new apps, the iPhone market seems more like a money making shortcut rather than promoting the best apps.

  3. a question, i’m now in germany and I bought a Iphone , can i use it in Portugal, with a Portuguese card? thks

  4. Yes, you can change the sim. Chck this video for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKXgBP2oMfM

  5. Ok…. how much is the phone?

  6. no one’s answered the first question! how much is it

  7. i don’t know i’ll post again
    i would like to know too

  8. with a contract with at nd at u  can get it for free XD

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