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Samsung Files for New Patent regarding S Pen

Samsung has recently filed for another patent in their homeland of South Korea. The new feature that the company has been working on is closely tied to the S Pen of the phone and will be intended for the Galaxy Note series of devices.

This new patent filling reveals that the South Korean manufacturer is working on a new method of recognition of the pen input using special ultrasonic sensors, rather than with a digitizer. According to said patent, 3 sensors can record two dimensional data, while the usage of 4 sensors would enable 3 dimensional data to be recorded.

While this may not be a NEW feature per say, as we might have already seen this option in the MDP tablet designed by Qualcomm, the usage of these ultrasonic sensors does bring a few promising things for the future. For one, it will at the very least eliminate the presence of a digitizer, which would result in the phone being a bit slimmer by as much as a millimeter.

Another fairly good advantage would be helping the OEM to reduce manufacturing costs via incorporation of the new technology. It’ll have to be seen if the new upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will make the cut and feature this new type of ultrasonic pen input technology.

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