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New LG Nexus Tablet – Name in Import Manifest

The newest Nexus tablet from Google is making more and more ripples on the internet, everyday new rumors or “leaks” appearing here and there. The most recent random encounter of the device was on the manifest documents from an Indian imports tracker known as Zauba, and it would appear that someone has brought a prototype of an LG Nexus tablet into the country.


All best guesses are that this is the Nexus 8, of which a lot of mention has been made for quite some time, yet it could also be another instance of the Nexus 10 slate since some amount of time has passed since that device came out. If that were the case, however, it would be somewhat strange considering it used to be done by Asus a while ago, and if memory serves it also had some great results.

While it does stand out as something a bit odd that Google didn’t choose to mention it at at their I/O 2014, it does make sense that they’d want its date of release to coincide with the date on which Android L will come out. Traditionally, Google has tried to match the release of a new Android OS version with the release of a new Nexus device.

Rumor has it that the Nexus 8 will come equipped with NVIDIA’s 64-bit Tegra K1 chipset along with 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of either 16 or 32 GB. At the moment, it should sport an 8 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, along with a 3 MP frontal camera.

There are also a few rumors floating around of a Nexus 9, an 8.9 inch slate with an affordable price tage that has an Intel Bay Trail-T chipset. Some of the earlier rumors claim that HTC will be the manufacturer of this device, but any concrete evidence about that has yet to be released.

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