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Android 4.4.3 for Nexus 5

The Nexus series is always known to receive the newest versions of the Android Operating System first – and they get it without any pesky or bothersome User Interface installed, for those of you who have a problem with Custom User Interfaces or prefer your phones in a more vanilla-form of software. Usually, the newest or most popular ( they ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 – First Day Sales Break all Records

To nobody’s surprise, the Galaxy S5 broke all records of sales in its day of release. The Korean manufacturer are saying that the Galaxy S5 has enjoyed quite a large amount of success on its launch day. The new flagship has managed to set a new record for the company for launch day sales, thus beating the achievements of its ... Read More »

Amazon Smartphone set for June?

Amazon, one of the top online retailing titans to date, has always had a knack of cutting a profit some way or another. When they decided to get into the tablet business with their “semi-tablet” Kindle e-book readers, they received mixed results. Opinions then were: how can they cut a profit out of this when they’re wasting more money on ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5

Each year Samsung prides itself on releasing what is in their opinion the best Android phone of the year. While I try to be an impartial observer and never take sides or preferences in the matter of choice between mobile devices, I can’t help but give them some credit. The device in itself is a beast, alas I can’t help ... Read More »

Scratch Wireless: The end of voice plans

Carriers all over the world are trying to make you to buy bigger and expensive voice plans, trying to convince you that you really need all those minutes. You might end up paying 50-100$ monthly for a service where you only use 5%. With the rise of smartphones and the spread of wireless you can do whatever you want on ... Read More »

Super Hexagon

I recently found a pretty neat action survival game that I think you guys would find entertaining. It’s a small game with an oddly simple yet entirely challenging with a very simple-sounding principle. This game oddly enough reminds me of an older game I played on Android: SpeedX 3D ( although this game seems to be more survival-based ). What ... Read More »

Microsoft Paying Manufacturers for Windows Phone

Apparently, some very interesting rumors have been floating around the internet. I figured, why not give them a shot and choose to believe at the very least a small part of them ( rumors are rumors, after all – the fact that some of them are proven true doesn’t necessarily cancel out the fact that others are false ). Before ... Read More »

HP VoiceTab Goes Official

If you remember ( if not just click here to refresh your memory ), I mentioned some time ago that HP was considering getting in on the phablet game, and they were hinting at some very promising devices. Well, recently they just made it official: the company has just announced its two new products. However, not both of them are ... Read More »

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