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Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage

Who can honestly say they’ve never watched an Annoying Orange video in their life. And if you haven’t, what are you doing with your life? The videos may not be the best around but they sure have a large enough number of fans watching them. Ever wondered where the people that make videos get their “unlimited money” everyone is so ... Read More »

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE

Today we’ll be reviewing the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. This is a really awesome phone with a more than decent enough hardware configuration. While it does say that this phone is specifically designed for the Sprint service providers, I do believe that it can be purchased in other places as well. This device has a ton of good features and ... Read More »

The Lost City

Today we’ll be reviewing another really awesome android game. This is yet another “hidden objects” game. Before you start complaining that there are already too many of those lying around, stop and think for a while : what other games work on most android devices? That is why there are so many of these games lying around – because they ... Read More »


Today we’ll be reviewing an Android game that I’m sure everybody has heard of. Seriously, who in their right mind has never heard of Frogger. This was the game you used to play as a child – the one in which you have to maneuver a frog to cross the highway without it becoming roadkill. The feedback this game has ... Read More »

The Treasure of Mystery Island

Today we’ll be reviewing a nifty little game in which you are to find hidden items. Before we start, let me ask you this : do you like hidden object games but find that the objects are often too easy to find, and you end up regretting the time and money you’ve spent on that game. Well, have I got ... Read More »

Word Stack – Fun and Addictive Word Association

Today we’re going to be reviewing this addictive little Android game. Judging from the good feedback this game has received, I’d say that it is indeed as its title suggests. Most people only said that it provides quite a good use of your grammar skills. Now I can’t really say whether or not it may be as challenging as most ... Read More »

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Today we’ll be reviewing a very interesting Android game. This is a classic game in which you have to keep your eyes open for clues and pick up whatever isn’t nailed down to the floor in order to complete any puzzles you may encounter in the future. Judging from the reception this game had, it’s a pretty good game. Sure, ... Read More »

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

Today we’ll be reviewing this wonderful little game for little kids. If you want to teach your little one some basic stuff this app is for you. Just think on how much money you have to pay for a PC game that offers roughly half the things this game offers. At least in my country, a game / book that ... Read More »

Weaphones: Firearms Simulator

Today we’ll be reviewing an awesome little app known as Weaphones, the Firearms simulator. Have you ever wanted to try out a real gun, to feel it in your hands, to measure the weight, feel the recoil and then smell the delightful smoke trails it leaves after spitting lead? Well, this app won’t help you with that, but it will ... Read More »

Flick Golf

Today we’ll be reviewing this nifty little game called Flick Golf. Normally I’m not a huge fan of sports games, but judging from the really good response this game has triggered, I’m willing to change my opinion about them. This game, Flick Golf, is a really simple golf game in which you just strike the tiny ball with your finger, ... Read More »

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