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HTC – Still Plummeting ?

It seems I have approached this problem many a time, yet it still persists, unfortunately. If I’m boring you with my little pieces of news about HTC, I apologize in advance. I realize some of you may not actually like the company, yet I find that their quick growth and expansion was inspirational, to say the least. It is a ... Read More »

Benefits of Posting Online Classifieds 

Each one of us is very well aware about the term “classifieds”. Online Classified is a very familiar word that is used in all the parts of the world. At times, there are people who need to promote and advertise their products, creations or services. During, such times, this term is one of the major options for which, such people ... Read More »

ZTE Flash

Well, it has been some time since I last reviewed a phone, and an even longer time since I showed you a phone which more people can afford. Let’s be honest here, we all love checking out the Flagships each great manufacturer releases now and again to give themselves a huge boost in profits, but then again, not every one ... Read More »

HTC One: The New HTC Flagship Has Arrived

HTC held a recent launch event to unleash its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, on the world. Building upon the reputation of last year’s HTC One series of devices, the HTC One takes mobile functionality to a whole new level with some pretty jaw-dropping features. We got some one-on-one time with the device to find out firsthand what is has to ... Read More »

Liquid S – Acer’s First ?

In this day and age, the hybrid between tablet and phone has become quite common. Often dubbed a “Phablet”, Acer has decided that they have gone too long without one and want to build one of their own. At the MWC, Acer showed their Liquid E1 ( but then again, that was announced a month earlier ). Come to think ... Read More »

How to find who owns a mobile number

If you are troubled by people anonymous calling you and you can’t get away, you can do much more than blacklisting their number. It is probably someone who know that bugs you. With today’s technology, it is easier to find who owns a mobile, landline or prepay number. There are tools and resources online that let you do this. The ... Read More »

Clovertrail+ – Intel’s New Atom Mobile Processor

I have mentioned somewhere in the past that Intel was considering building some processors for mobile devices and branding them in the Atom series. Since the Netbooks for which they previously produced the Atom processors were taken off the market, it is good to see that they have decided to expand in another domain. Such initiative is refreshing to behold ... Read More »

World at Arms

It seems that a lot of war games seem to have surfaced recently. Not that I’m against it, I personally have no problem against war genre games. After all, this is a genre on which you can build and build and build as it offers endless amounts of possibilities. Also, one thing that made me want to try out this ... Read More »

Mass Effect Infiltrator

If you like role-playing PC games with an EPIC story ( most of the BioWare games are that way ) and enjoyed playing the Mass Effect games ( say what you will, but even the 3rd one is good, all problems with the ending considered ) then you will most certainly enjoy this game. In case you’re unaware what I ... Read More »

OUYA – New Gaming Console

I think I mentioned this console a few times, but I never really gave it its own spot under the spotlight. If I forgot to do this, I apologize since I had my College Finals and it’s been sort of hectic. OUYA, in lament’s terms, is sort of like an Xbox console that runs Android. It is one of the ... Read More »

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