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Oppo N1: Going Global

There was this phone I’ve seen for a while now and have always meant to post a few pieces of info about it, but I was always turned down by the fact that it was severely limited to only a small number of countries. I found it a shame, really, as the device was truly wonderful and had a ton of neat features I had yet to see on other phones.

However, the good folks at Oppo, after announcing their N1 device in September and releasing it later on November 11 made a few promises: they said they would make the Oppo N1 available worldwide starting December 10. Thankfully, they delivered on that promise and as of now you TOO can purchase this device.

This device can be acquired now through Oppo’s official online store. In Europe, we can get the 16 GB version for 450 euros and the 32 GB version for 480 euros. The US prices are set a bit differently: 600 dollars and 650 dollars respectively for the 16 GB and 32 GB versions. The Asian prices vary a bit, but for more specific things I highly recommend visiting the website yourself and seeing for yourself. However, if you’re into the phone and don’t really like white phones, you may be a tad disappointed since it’s the only available color for the phone right now.

The N1’s international retail package includes a few neat things like an O-Click accessory and an Easy-Cover case in addition to the basics. This device runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, but the OS is heavily skinned with Oppo’s Color UI. There’s an interesting thing about this device – you see, Oppo has a partnership with Cyanogen, and soon you’ll be allowed to install an official CyanogenMod on it as well.

To me this looks like a great device for a decent price that doesn’t make your pocket ache too much. Personally, I’m glad they made this phone available worldwide and think it a great call on Oppo’s side.

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