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Samsung Galaxy S5 – First Day Sales Break all Records

To nobody’s surprise, the Galaxy S5 broke all records of sales in its day of release. The Korean manufacturer are saying that the Galaxy S5 has enjoyed quite a large amount of success on its launch day. The new flagship has managed to set a new record for the company for launch day sales, thus beating the achievements of its predecessor by over 30%.

Reports from Samsung claim that in some European markets, the sales of the Galaxy S5 have surpassed those of the Galaxy S4 more than twice. The number would have maybe be even higher, had the new smartphone stock not depleted almost instantly in some places. Cities like Paris, Amsterdam and London have seen the event of hundreds of people gathering in front of the Samsung flagship stores ahead of opening, waiting quite impatiently to get their hands on the latest flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in 125 countries on Friday, 11th of April, making this event the largest-scale launch the Korean company has ever pulled off. Also, the phone was to roll out in 25 more countries in the coming days, bringing the number to a round 150. Pricing is similar to how I mentioned in our little review / preview – around 700 dollars for the SIM-Free version in the US and around 600 in most of Europe and Asia. Naturally, in order to increase profits and “help people”, Samsung is also teaming up with as many carriers as they can, which will offer the phone at lower prices for certain contracts.

We’ve already posted a review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, so if you’re interested, you can always click HERE and read some more if you’d like to know some things more about this device.

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