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Super Hexagon

I recently found a pretty neat action survival game that I think you guys would find entertaining. It’s a small game with an oddly simple yet entirely challenging with a very simple-sounding principle. This game oddly enough reminds me of an older game I played on Android: SpeedX 3D ( although this game seems to be more survival-based ).

What this game does is set a challenge to you: finish a level without hitting the obstacles in your way. However, I feel I should make a warning for the overly-sensitive: the bright changing colors and high-speed in which the objects move in this game could prove a bit bothersome, and if you’re prone to “incidents” due to sudden bright and changing lights, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this game to you.

I’ll go ahead and leave a bit of a trailer of the game for you here:

There may be a small disadvantage to this game, but I can find a work-around for that. You see, the Google Play Store is unfairly selling it for quite a lot ( 3 dollars – and I’m sorry to say that I don’t necessarily think it’s worth that much by itself ). However, I did tell you in an older article about something called the Humble Bundle. Well, in the case of this game ( you can find it in their store ), they’re offering a neat sale: for the same 3 dollars the android game AND a Steam version for both PC and MAC, a Linux Version and a DRM-free version of the game for all the previously mentioned platforms ( also, part of those 3 dollars you pay goes to charity – so it’s a Win-Win situation ).

Frankly, the only place I can recommend to you to get the game is the Humble Store, but I’ll go ahead and post both links: Humble Store and Google Play Store.

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