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Popularity of Games on Android

Android smartphones are more and more popular, and not only among teenagers. I tend to use my smartphone for business, and sometimes play some small casual games when I don’t have anything else to do. However, I can see a lot of people who are playing a lot on their phones. Games are becoming more and more advanced and despite the experience is not close to one on a desktop PC, the big advantage of mobile games is that you can play anywhere: while you are waiting for someone, in the bus, at school.

If we take a look at Top Charts in Android, except the bigpopular apps like facebook messenger, facebook, app, whatsapp and instangram, we can see a lot of games that are widely played. More, in Top Selling Charts, we can see a lot of games like Minecraft, Reigns, etc.

I used to play games on the computer, but with my Android smartphone, I can play games in situations when I can’t get to computer and don’t have anything else to do, saving the PC for work and business related stuff. It is true that I can also do some productivity stuff on my phone, but let’s face it, anyone needs a break once in a while.

It is also true that with the change from PC to smartphone, the type of games played also changes. While on the computer we prefer graphic-intensive games, on the smartphones people usually play card games, chess, casual or even play lotto online.

Today, there are a lot of games with high quality graphics: soccer games, shooters, even strategy games, that gives as a close experience to full featured games on PC, but I am sure that they will be played by a specific category of people ( tennagers and kids ), while the casual games will usually have more popularity.


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  1. By 2019 only android gaming industry will earn more than console games industry. That’s how speedily increasing android games.

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