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SixSquares – unique concept addictive puzzle game

When I first heard about it I said in my mind: “not another android puzzle game”, but I tried it anyway. At first try, I didn’t know what do to, but when I realized I understand why it is so different than other puzzle games. I was immediately addicted to this brand new concept.

SixSquares is based on six blocks arranged on the board. One of them is the king and has to be moved to the center of the board. The rule is that you can only move a block if there is another block to stop it on that line. Sounds simple, but once you get going you can see that it is not that easy and you have to use your brain to figure out this unique puzzle. In order to move the king block into the desired direction, you must make many other moves with other blocks in order to get them in the position that will let you move the king block to the center of the board.

It is simple, anyone can play it and very addictive. It is free and available on Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.konigvanzwol.sixquares

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